Real Estate & Construction

At Braintree Solicitors we offer expert legal advice and representation on a range of property transactions including buying, selling, renting and building construction.

We have a full-fledged team, which handles all aspects of private and commercial real estate transactions. Our real estate practice provides legal support in the sale, acquisition and perfection of title to landed properties at relevant land registries in Nigeria. We conduct due diligence on title and occupancy details as well as perfect mortgages. We represent the interests of our clients in the acquisition, sale and mortgage of real estate properties as well as advising on other real estate financing arrangements such as joint ventures and Real Estate Investment Trusts. We advise our clients on land use regulations, as well as advising them on strict compliance with the relevant building and construction laws and regulations. We provide professional advice on matters such as leasing and acquisition of properties. We also prepare and perfect documentation with respect to real property financing; mortgage loan arrangement, lease financing and equity arrangements.