Intellectual Property

If you are looking to protect your intellectual property, you can turn to us for a wide range of services in Intellectual Property Protection.

The firm’s department of intellectual property department is involved in essentially all aspects dealing with the maintenance, protection and enforcement of our clients’ commercial and intellectual property rights either in isolation or as a consequence of related transactional matters. Some of these areas include: Entertainment and Media, Art, Sports, Trademarks, Copyright, Patents and Trade Secrets as well as licensing and ancillary international trade issues.

We are particularly knowledgeable in all maintenance work at the Nigerian Trademarks and Patent Registry involving the application for publication, registration and renewals of trademarks. Our proficiency also extends to the filing, prosecution or defence of our clients’ applications in challenger proceedings before the Registrar of Trademarks. We submit requests for the issuance of Letters of Patent on behalf of inventors or assignees and effect payment of annuities for such patents. We can advise on a wide range of legal issues relating to the Nigerian laws, regulations and policies on intellectual property protection and enforcement that are targeted towards the clients’ diverse needs.