Dispute Resolution

At BRAINTREE SOLICITORS our dispute resolution practice handles claims-raising issues ranging through Actionable and Fraudulent Misrepresentations, Banking Law, Carriage of Goods by Sea Air and Land, Company Law, Construction Contracts, Defamation, Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, Enforcement of Shareholders Agreements, Hospitality Contracts, Insolvency Practice (Winding Up, Liquidations and Receiverships), Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, International Trade and Foreign Exchange, Labour and Employment, Mining and Quarrying, Occupiers Liability, Privatisation, Property, Telecommunications, , Securities Law and Practice.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: As lawyers, we understand the importance of speedy, cost effective, and amicable resolution of conflicts involving our clients. For these reasons, we encourage and support clients in seeking alternative means of dispute resolution wherever possible. We do this by drafting and reviewing appropriately worded clauses, negotiation, conciliation and mediation. Where the occasion demands, we are also prepared to represent our clients in commercial arbitrations. It is often the case that alternative dispute leads to a satisfactory settlement of cases. Our qualified and experienced counsels possess the expertise that is required for obtaining binding decisions in alternative dispute resolution cases.

Litigation: Try as we may to help our clients avoid contentious disputes that result in court cases, situations arise when it becomes necessary to either defend a position in court or to institute an action on behalf of a client. We are confident in the competence of Nigeria’s judicial system especially with the newly instituted procedural rules, which have made it quicker to obtain judgments. 

Our counsels are sufficiently qualified to appear before every court in Nigeria including the Supreme Court and have access to extensive resources comparable to that of any other leading law firm. Thus, apart from providing excellent technical advice, we are well placed to proffer solutions that allow quick resolution of complex disputes. Having counsels that understand the workings of the court system is essential, and we are confident in the ability of our lawyers to navigate the judicial system right from trial level all the way up to the highest appellate levels. Our lawyers are able to marshal their arguments convincingly before judges, for the benefit of our clients. More importantly however, is the pre-trial case evaluation that we undertake for clients, enabling us to critique, anticipate and respond to potential opponents arguments. We believe that one can never be too thorough with case preparation. Because our lawyers are experts in different areas of the law, we can adapt this expertise and our meticulous preparation to argue cases relating to oil & gas, banking & finance, contracts, torts and debt recovery etc. We have an extensive litigation experience in courts of all levels and in all phases of the litigation process, from inception through appeal. Our highly skilled and experienced litigation and dispute-resolution team provides first-class advocacy and dispute-resolution services. We attempt to settle disputes amicably and zealously advocate on behalf of our client, with the goal of reaching an expedient and successful resolution.