Braintree Solicitors was established on the 5th of February, 2004, with a fundamental determination on the part of the founding partners to establish a first class law firm,

impeccably combining the tradition and competence of the old and distinguished common law and continental law firms laced with high dynamism and efficiency.

Today, ours is a corporate law firm with a credible track record and expertise and our core practice areas include real estate and construction; energy and natural resources; banking & finance; corporate restructuring; company secretarial services, corporate governance; joint venture; revenue & taxation; foreign investments; intellectual property protection; capital market and litigation/dispute resolution.

We have been involved in most major commercial legal services in Nigeria and have consistently delivered qualitative services alongside our international partner-firms in both common and continental law jurisdictions.

Our firm’s strength lies in the well sourced team of brilliant and highly experienced legal practitioners and chartered secretaries, whose intellectual and administrative prowess are highly uncommon and are further enhanced through well-rounded and international continuous professional training programmes. Our lawyers are in and provide advice to local and foreign clients on all aspects of Nigerian law. We undertake work for public and private companies, corporate, investors, governments, financial institutions, foreign & local law firms and international consultancy firms.

Our firm is at a vantage and strategic location -on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State as well as the commercial nerve centre of the entity known as Nigeria. It is equally proximate to the seat of government; local and international Airports; all government regulatory agencies. We always try to provide our clients with their desired result within the ambits of the law, as we equally undertake to be first among equal.

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