Real estate and construction

Our real estate services has been involved in some of the largest and most innovative development and investment transactions and infrastructure projects in Nigeria and throughout Africa. We can advise you on all aspects of commercial property development, help you on every stage of a project and apply specialist knowledge in property financing and taxation.

We take care of all processes involves in real estate business .

We act for clients on professional advise, legal issues on property finance  transactions  and apartment developments as well as projects and property development.

We advise on hotel and leisure work, construction and engineering, insolvency, real estate dispute resolution, restructuring and property acquisition.


As an individual you may be involved in litigation. This may arise from your occupation of a property either as an owner or as a tenant. You may be in dispute with your landlord or your neighbour; in such circumstances BrainTree Solicitors can assist you.

As a consumer you may feel that your rights have been infringed either by a commercial organisation or by a regulatory body.