Legal Practitioners & Notary Public

Braintree Solicitors was established on the 5th of February, 2004, with a fundamental determination on the part of the founding partners to establish a first class law firm, impeccably combining the tradition and competence of the old and distinguished common law and continental law firms laced with high dynamism and efficiency.
  • Our People

    Our lawyers are in to provide cutting edge Services and provide advice to local and foreign clients on all aspects of Nigerian law with high level of competency in every area of our practice.

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  • Practice Area

    We undertake work for public and private companies, corporate, investors, governments, financial institutions, foreign & local law firms and international consultancy firms.

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  • What sets us apart?

    At BrainTree Solicitors, we drop the cloak and dagger approach, offering you a transparent, fixed fee approach to law. A fresh alternative to 'pay by the hour' advice.

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